Lifting supervisor training

lifting supervisor basics

A lifting supervisor is a person who controls and oversees the lifting activities, involving cranes in a workplace. By law, any work which involves heavy to medium lifting, with the help of crane requires the expertise of lifting supervisor to ensure safety. Therefore, before any workplace such as construction sites or large building sites, want to lift heavy objects with the help of a crane they need to make sure that a well-trained lifting supervisor is in place. A person who has attained lifting supervisor training and has a requisite certificate of proof of his training can skillfully handle this job.

More information on lifting supervisor training

An individual who has at least one-year training as a lifting supervisor and has completed the course is eligible for appointment. A commissioner can appoint a lifting supervisor only after making sure that these rules are in place before making the final selection. Lifting supervisor training is the core of this profession, as it trains an individual with specific skills. If lifting supervisor faults in his job then this could prove fatal in the workplace.

Duties and Responsibilities

All lifting activities come under the supervision of a lifting supervisor. They follow regulations, which deal with all lifting operations of mobile crane and tower crane on a construction site or any other work place involving cranes. A proper lifting plan is in place with the help of a supervisor, making sure that there are no lapses in process. This plan of lifting work is important, as it improves the safety of the area where the work is in progress.

A lifting supervisor also makes sure of the crane's operators, concerning their registration and training. Not just that, a controller also takes note of other workers involved in this work. A supervisor only allows those who have a license to work on the site, in short, those who have training certificates to perform their duty.

Ground safety is another priority of lifting supervisor. Lifting supervisor ensures the field conditions and safety, before starting with lifting operations. This type of activity is particularly important in works involving mobile cranes.

A lifting supervisor briefs all who work directly in lifting work. Be it a rigger, signalman and crane operator.

Ultimately any lifting work can only take place once the lifting supervisor is content with the safety of the process. If there are any complaints, then the supervisor needs to attend to those issues first. A lifting supervisor training course makes sure that a person excels in all of these areas.

The training course

The training course of a lifting supervisor involves some of the core subjects that directly involve practical application. The first part deals with law and legislation of the lifting operations.

An in-depth scrutiny of roles and duties of personnel who work directly in this job is also the part of training. Planning of safe lifting operations is also a part in the training of the supervisors.

How to safely use tower and mobile cranes is yet another important aspect of being a lifting supervisor. The training course emphasises on this a lot. There are practical sessions which enforce the theory knowledge of the personnel.

From basic slinging and rigging methods to accidents and emergency response, all form the core parts of the training. There is an assessment in writing and also one case study that the aspiring supervisors need to submit.